logo definitivo   INTERNAL LOGISTICS MANAGER Nombre de la empresa: Consultoría multinacional líder en el sector de RRHH Número de trabajadores: 3000 Sede central en: Madrid Descripción de la empresa: Importante compañía multinacional líder en la búsqueda y selección de personal directivo, mandos intermedios y personal altamente cualificado. Ubicación Población: Madrid Provincia: Madrid País: España Descripción Puesto vacante: INTERNAL LOGISTICS MANAGER Categorías: Compras, logística y almacén – Distribución y logística Nivel: Dirección / gerencia Personal a cargo: >100 Número de vacantes: 1 Descripción de la oferta: Logistics Manager leads the process which includes the planning of procurement, production, inventory control, logistics and line distribution. The manager ensures that every step of the process is functioning effectively to avoid costly delays and lost sales opportunities. RESPONSIBILITIES: – Responsible of weekly industrial feasibility towards markets. – Responsible for programming lines through executives and estimates scheduling. – Responsible for supplying the materials related to the start of new and current products and modifications. – Guarantee the performances and verify the performances of the logistics operators appointed to the management of the main warehouses and the dispatches. – Manage the incoming deliveries, warehouses, dispatches and the physical/accounting flows of the containers in case these are not outsourced. – Providing support to the Process Engineering by defining the logistics parameters at the start of the new products or modification of the current products. – Providing support in the optimization of the logistics parameters of the products already started. Requisitos Estudios mínimos: Ingeniero Superior Experiencia mínima: Más de 5 años Requisitos mínimos: EDUCATION: – Engineering, Business Administration. – Postgraduate education is a plus: MBA, Master in Logistics. – The successful candidate must have a good command of the English language and must be ready to face new international challenges. EXPERIENCE: – At least five years of experience carrying out a similar position in a highly demanding industrial environment. SKILLS: – Sound analysis and planning abilities. – Leadership. – Problem solving and objectives oriented. – Resilience. – Flexibility. Contrato Tipo de contrato: Indefinido Jornada laboral: Completa. Inscribirse:http://www.infojobs.net/madrid/internal-logistics-manager/of-i747ca6763d48d9b3ac5a569916a69d www.maycarr.es]]>